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Safe to Ask Questions

Todd Nettleton of VOM Radio recently talked to Brother Mark, a Christian worker in North Africa and the Middle East, where most people are Muslims. One way his ministry reaches Muslims with the Good News of Jesus is through the Internet.

Todd asked Brother Mark how things are going in his countries since the coronavirus began. Read some of Mark’s answers below. (Edited for length and clarity.)

Brother Mark said:

The coronavirus has affected our region in a very intense way. I even have two brothers who have been affected badly, but they are OK now.

Asking Questions
But parts of our ministry have really expanded in amazing ways, especially in our Internet ministry. People fear the coronavirus. They start to ask, “What would happen if I passed away? Which [religion] is right?”

Muslims often can’t ask questions like that directly or in front of other Muslims. Now they think, “I have the opportunity to be by myself and ask any questions of anybody [online] and nobody will stop me.” One of our leaders said [Muslims] are more interested in asking questions [about Christianity] online than offline.

Also, the [Muslim] government encourages the Internet in amazing ways. They want to keep the people busy online instead of putting pressure on the government to reopen the country.

To Talk About
*Why are Muslims in some places spending more time seeking the truth about Christianity online?
*How are Muslim governments helping spread the Good News of Jesus?
*Read the chart here. What is one difference in Muslim and Christian beliefs about heaven?