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Who Came First?


Torchlighters DVDs tell stories of Christian heroes from the past. They are available here, or on Redeem TV for free viewing.

The 16-episode set here includes stories of these heroes:

Jim Elliot
William Tyndale
John Bunyan
Eric Liddell
Gladys Aylward
Richard Wurmbrand
Amy Carmichael
William Booth
Samuel Morris
Corrie ten Boom
John Wesley
Robert Jermain Thomas
Martin Luther
Adoniram and Ann Judson

Do you know when these heroes lived?
See if you can answer the following questions.

*Who was born first, William Tyndale or William Booth?
*Who came first, John Bunyan or John Wesley?
*Who was born first, Eric Liddell or Richard Wurmbrand?
*Who came first, Amy Carmichael or Gladys Aylward?
*Which two heroes were both born in 1902? (Hint: Both were named in the previous four questions.)

You can check your answers on the timeline at