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A Life-Saving Situation

(Source: The November 2020 The Voice of the Martyrs magazine. Photo: Pastor Stanley and his family.)

The previous post told about an attack at the Zion Church in Sri Lanka on Easter Sunday in 2019. As the post describes, Debbi, one of the children at the church, was injured, and some of the other children were hurt as well.

But several children escaped unharmed.

Pastor Stanley
The main pastor of the Zion Church, Pastor Roshan, was out of town. So the assistant pastor, Pastor Stanley, was going to lead the service.

But Pastor Stanley did not have the keys to the church van. The van was parked in the church courtyard, and Pastor Stanley couldn’t move it out of the way.

Protected from the Blast
After Sunday school ended, the children were dismissed to go to the courtyard. Some of them decided to sit on a stairway that led to the second-floor classrooms. The stairs were partly blocked by the church van.

As the children waited for church to start, the attacker exploded a bomb in the courtyard. The parked van helped shield the children on the stairs from the explosion. A problem for Pastor Stanely had turned into a life-saving situation for the children.

Note: Pastor Stanley has visited and prayed with the church members who were affected by the bombing. Many are still sad. But the church continues to gather at Zion Church at 9 a.m. on Sunday mornings, just as they have done every Sunday since the attack. Nothing can stand against God’s faithfulness to those who honor Him.