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Sara: Still Thankful

A previous post told the story of Sara Gomez, a 14-year-old in Colombia. Searching for meaning in her life, Sara joined a violent group called FARC. [Photo: A FARC fighter]

After a time, Sara left the group. She got married, had four children, and finally found meaning in following Christ. Today she shares the gospel with youth and others who need to hear the Good News of Jesus.

Lockdown Problems
Recently, FARC members took advantage of the lockdown during the COVID-19 crisis. They decided to find and attack former members of FARC who had left the group and had become Christians. They knew that fewer soldiers were on duty during the lockdown, so probably no one would stop their search. FARC members began going from house to house to look for Christians.

Sara and her family quickly fled the area. They are sleeping in a church until it is safe to go home. Sara told a VOM worker that she is thankful because “she has not been hungry or without shelter.”

To Think About
Can you find things to be thankful for in hard times?