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Nigeria: Kidnapper Put in Prison

[Photo: Ese]
(Sources include: VOM Australia)

Radical Muslims have attacked churches and homes in Nigeria, and they have persecuted Christian families. Attackers are not always caught or punished. But recently, a court sentenced a Muslim kidnapper to 26 years in prison.

The man, Yunusa Dahiru, kidnapped a 13-year-old girl from a Christian family. He took the girl, Ese, to his home, forced her to marry him, and changed her name to Aisha. Several months later, the police rescued Ese. She was five months pregnant with her daughter. “I thank God that truth has prevailed,” Ese’s father said after Yunusa was convicted of his crime.

VOM Australia suggests the following ways to pray about the situation.
*Thank the Lord for the outcome and answered prayers for the family. Ask the Lord to intervene on behalf of the many captives in Nigeria.

*Pray for Ese’s future life and that of her daughter. May they grow in faith and knowledge of the Lord and find their confidence in Him.

*Pray for the perpetrators of such crimes in Nigeria. Ask the Holy Spirit to be at work in bringing conviction, repentance, and transformed lives.