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Mother’s Day Help for Moms

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“You might be suddenly educating your children at home or you might be trying to adjust to life without your supportive co-op. Maybe you’re working full time during this, or maybe you’ve lost your job. Your loved ones or you might be sick, or maybe you’re currently grieving a loss, with the added burden of being isolated.

“This isn’t an easy time for parents, and it isn’t easy for our kids, either. One of the most life-giving things I’ve heard recently is that what we’re all doing now isn’t homeschooling, it’s crisis schooling. All of us have had our lives upended. The future is uncertain. We are grieving over lives, opportunities, jobs, and momentous occasions lost. Now more than ever, I’ve had to learn to show my children extraordinary patience and grace”…. Kaylena Radcliff

Kaylena Radcliff is a “Torchligher mom” and author. You can read her blog post, “How this Torchlighter Mom is Surviving Quarantine,” at

“In the writing world,” said Kaylena, “I am what would be called a “pantser”: that is, someone who flies by the seat of her pants. I don’t usually plot or map out stories before I write them, which allows for a lot of wondrous, creative flexibility. It can also make for some meandering story lines that need a good revision or two to make sense later.

“When it comes to daily schedules, it turns out that I’m also a bit of a pantser. I could get away with it when it was only a day or two out of the week. But do you know who doesn’t appreciate pantsers for seven days straight? My children. Can you guess the result? Chaos. So much chaos. In these wild, stuck-at-home times, I’m learning to mitigate some of that chaos by having an actual plan….”

Read the rest of Kaylena’s post here.


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