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Following in His Footsteps

Parents and Teachers
The Witnesses Trilogy includes three animated, feature-length films that cover the time from the birth of Jesus through the birth of the early church. Following in Christ’s footsteps, early Christians spread God’s message to the ends of the earth while facing pressures and persecution from every side.

Learn more here. Help your kids remember the message of the films by completing the activity below.

Following His Footsteps Craft

Foam shoe cushions
Map-themed scrapbook/craft paper
White glue
Lacing or twine, or peel-and-stick magnetic tape
Bible verses or references written or printed on craft paper

*Cut the cardboard guide in the shoe cushion package to the size you desire. (Alternative: Use your foot as a guide to make a footprint out of cardboard.)

*Use the cardboard pattern to cut the foam cushions to size.

*Trace around the pattern on the craft paper and cut out the footprint shape. Glue the shape to the foam cushion.

*Glue a Bible verse, or part of a verse to the footprint. (See the suggested verses in the photo.) Ask an adult to punch holes near the top of the footprints. Use lacing or twine threaded through the holes to hang up the footprints. Or attach a piece of peel-and-stick magnetic tape to the back and display the footprints on a refrigerator or other magnetic surface.

*Talk about what it means to follow in the footsteps of Jesus.