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Laos: Waiting for Surgery


After John’s parents died, foster parents took him into their home. John was not a Christian, and neither were his foster parents. But John had a Christian friend. His friend shared Christian music and videos with him.

After listening to the music and watching the videos, John wanted to learn more about Jesus. He found a pastor in another village who explained the gospel to him. John trusted in Christ as his Savior!

John was happy in his new faith. But his foster parents and others in the village began to complain, curse him, and treat him badly. “Stop believing in God, because this is not the religion of our ancestors,” some said. “Christianity is a religion of foreigners.”

John’s foster parents even told him they were sorry they took him in after his parents died. They also said they would not pay for the surgery that he needed for an injured leg. John told them he would continue to love and respect them, but that he could not give up his faith. He said he would wait for surgery until he can afford to pay for it himself. “I will believe in Christ until I pass away,” he told them.

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[Photo: John. His eyes are covered to protect his identity.]



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