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Syria: A School Story

At a Christian school in Syria, the students memorized Psalm 91. The children used the psalm to guide prayers for their families during times of fighting and war. They fasted and prayed for peace in their country. Thankfully, they saw answers to their prayers. One night a driver made a serious mistake in the city where the children go to school. He got into his car after he had been drinking alcohol and tried to drive. But he could not drive straight. His car ended up sideways, blocking the road. The driver got out of the car and walked away.

The next morning, no vehicles could drive on the street because the car blocked the way. The school children were stuck on the road in their buses as people looked for the car’s driver. While the children waited for the road to clear, a bomb exploded farther down the street. At that time of the morning, the school buses were usually near the place where the bomb exploded. The car blocking the road might have prevented them from being injured.

Read Psalm 91. Why do you think the Syrian children use it to guide their prayers?

(Source: Bold Believers in Syria, available in the Downloads section. Photo: A Syrian boy.)



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