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An Unusual Love Story

Choon-yei grew up in a comfortable family in North Korea. Her father was a military officer, so the government took good care of them.

But when Choon-yei was a young child, a famine in North Korea brought suffering to even the most secure families. Then when she was teenager, both of her parents died.

First Trip
Choon-yei made two trips to China with friends to try to earn money. On the first trip, she met Christians who shared a Bible and the gospel with her. Choon-yei was fearful, because North Korean officials would punish her severely if they found out she had heard the gospel. The North Korean government wants citizens to look to them for help and guidance, not God. But she learned from the Christians in China, and she began praying as they taught her.

Second Trip
Choon-yei later traveled to China with another friend. But her friend betrayed her and sold her to a Chinese man to be his wife! Choon-yei did not know Chinese and had no way to escape back to North Korea, so she was trapped.

Many North Koreans are tricked into going to China and end up as slaves to mean and harsh husbands. But Choon-yei’s husband and his family were kind to her. When she wanted to escape from them and go to South Korea, they even gave her money to help her!

Choon-yei believes that God has always helped her since the Christians she met on her first trip to China began praying for her.

A Christian Marriage
In South Korea, Choon-yei began to miss her Chinese husband. He was honest and good, and he had taken good care of her. Thankfully, he was able to join her in South Korea, where he became a Christian. Choon-yei had also decided to follow Jesus. Together they go to church and are committed to having a Christian marriage.

“I am grateful for everything,” Choon-yei said. “I will be grateful if God uses my husband and me in any way.” They pray that more North Koreans will come to know their Savior.

(Source: The May 2020 The Voice of the Martyrs magazine. Edited and condensed for length and clarity. Photo: A Korean woman.)