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Middle East: Ervin’s Secret Weapon

Ervin is a Christian in a country where most people are Muslims. The government in his country does not want Christians to spread the gospel and lead others to Christ. Ervin spent more than seven years in prison because of his devotion to Jesus and His Word.

Conditions in the prison were harsh. One way they mistreated the prisoners was to keep them awake all day and all night. They even taped Ervin’s eyes open so he couldn’t fall asleep.

But Ervin had a “secret weapon.” He had memorized more than 100 Bible verses before he went to prison. He survived the difficult conditions by repeating the verses over and over. They strengthened him and helped him stay close to God.

Ervin still lives in the same Muslim country where he went to prison. Pray for his protection and for persecutors and government leaders to come to Christ.


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