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Pakistan: Sara’s Dad

Sara’s dad, Paulus, was a bully. And Christians were the main target of his bullying. As a Muslim police officer in Pakistan, he believed it was his duty to try to convince Christians to deny Jesus and follow Islam. (Islam is the religion of Muslims.) When Christians refused his invitation to Islam, he beat them up.

But one day, Paulus found a Bible at a bookstore. As he read his new book, he became curious about Jesus, so he asked some Christians to help him learn more. The Christians took Paulus to their pastor. After he talked to the pastor and then had a vision of Jesus, he trusted Christ as his Savior.

The Bully Is Bullied
Muslim family members and religious leaders often beat Paulus after he became a Christian. One day, he was holding Sara in his arms when a relative hit him so hard that he dropped her. Her left eye was permanently damaged. Sadly, after another beating, Paulus died in 2016.

Sara and her mother, Marriam, are happy that Paulus is in heaven with his Savior. But they have not had an easy time since he died. The Voice of the Martyrs has provided Marriam with a rickshaw so she can run a taxi business to support herself and Sara.

VOM also helped with school fees and medical treatment for Sara. She still can’t see out of her injured eye, but she was able to get a glass eye, which gives her more confidence.

Please pray for Marriam, Sara, and faithful Christians in Pakistan who continue to follow Christ whatever the cost.

[Photos: Marriam and Sara]



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