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Nigeria: Halima

(Source: VOM Australia)

When Halima was 6 years old, her life changed in dramatic ways. Like many of the people in Nigeria, she and her parents were Muslims. But her father, Adod, learned about God’s gift of salvation through Jesus, and he became a Christian. Soon Halima and her mother joined him in trusting Jesus as their Savior.

Adod’s relatives were angry because he left Islam to follow Christ. (Islam is the religion of Muslims.) They forced Halima’s mother to divorce Adod, marry a Muslim man, and follow Muslim ways. Halima had to move to her stepfather’s house with her mother. In her new home, Halima was mistreated because she was a Christian.

Adod was concerned about Halima, so at great risk, he took her from her stepfather’s home and arranged for her to stay at a pastor’s house. But Muslims threatened the pastor for taking care of her.

Christians helped Halima move to a safer location where she will not be harmed. Adod is nearby, and they are able to see each other often.

(Photo: Halima with friends. She is wearing the striped jacket.)

Pray for Muslims around the world who are mistreated when they decide to follow Christ.



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