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By Elise Wixtrom, Kids of Courage Student Reviewer

Elise Wixtrom writes reviews of VOM resources for readers of Enter “Elise” in the search box to read about Elise and to find more of her reviews.

If you have enjoyed the traditional celebration of Christmas (the birth of Christ), then you certainly know who Santa Claus is. But do you know the true story behind the man in the red suit who brings presents to leave beneath your Christmas tree?

Nicholas was the son of two very rich parents who lived in the Roman empire. He lived about 300 years after the death and resurrection of Jesus.

When Nicholas’ parents died, he inherited a great deal of money, more than he really knew what to do with, and more than he could spend on his own. Now Nicholas was a believer in the gospel of Christ, and he believed in his heart that rich people should give to the poor as much as they could. In fact, he thought that those with money should give even more than they could spare. So he decided to give most of what he inherited to the poor families of the area where he lived. In order to do so and not be found out, because he did not want attention drawn to himself, he dropped bags of gold coins into unlit fireplaces, and that is where we get the story of Santa Claus coming down the chimney to put presents underneath the tree. However, the real Nicholas’ presents did not just make people happy for Christmas, they saved lives, homes, and families from poverty.

That is why we remember him, even today. God gave Nicholas riches, and laid on the young man’s heart the task that he was to carry out. And so, with the love of Christ in his heart, Nicholas gave his wealth to the people who truly needed it. God used Nicholas to give more than he could have on his own.

[Enter “Nicholas” in the Search box to read more stories about Nicholas. The book Nicholas: God’s Courageous Gift-Giver is part of The Voice of the Martyrs’ Courageous Series. The six books in the series are available at]


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