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(Source: Mission News Network)

Eric Foley, the director of VOM Korea, shared the following thoughts for U.S. Christians to consider.

1. “It’s important for us to remember that Christ did not die for freedom of religion. Christ died for freedom in Christ. That’s something that no government can grant, and no government can take away.”

2. A Christian from North Korea, where Christians are severely persecuted, told Eric, “You [American and South Korean Christians] have so much money and so much freedom that you end up putting your faith in your money and your freedom. North Korean Christians have only Christ, and we’ve learned that He is sufficient.”

3. “When [freedom of religion] is present, we give thanks to the Lord, and we use it for the Lord’s purposes. But when the Lord decides to withdraw it, for whatever reason, we use even the lack of freedom for the Lord’s purpose. North Korea’s body of Christ is careful, but they’re not waiting for the current regime to blow over before resuming their lives of faith.”

Talk about Eric’s observations with your class or family. Do you agree with them? Can you find Bible verses or passages to support your opinion?

[Photo source: VOM Australia. Many children in North Korea are small and thin because they do not get enough to eat.]


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