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Central Asia: What Would You Do?

Central Asian Christians

Alisher, a teacher at a school in Central Asia, learned about God’s gift of salvation through faith in His Son, Jesus. Alisher happily trusted in Christ as his Savior! He didn’t even try to keep his new faith a secret, but shared the good news with others around him. As a result, Muslim school officials fired him.

But the authorities were not finished with him. The local prosecutor wanted to file charges against him, even though he was not a criminal. The police ordered his former students to sign statements saying that Alisher had done illegal things.

If you were one of the students, would you have signed a false statement about your teacher?

What if the officials said they would fail you in all your classes if you didn’t sign?

What if they said you would not be allowed to participate in sports, music, and other activities?

Suppose they threatened to make your parents pay a big fine?

Just like Alisher’s students, Christians in some countries have to decide to sign untrue statements or face punishment.

Alisher learned that he could possibly go to prison for seven years because of the charges filed against him. Pray for him, for other Christians in Central Asia, and for children who are threatened by officials.



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