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Keeping the Faith in Inner Mongolia

Isaac decided to quit school. He was only 15, so his education was not yet complete. “I just wanted to share the burden on my mother,” he said.

Isaac and his mother are Christians, and they live in Inner Mongolia.  Sadly, when Isaac was 10, his father died. Then two years later, his grandparents died. Isaac’s mother worked on a farm all day, but still didn’t make enough money to support herself and Isaac.

The local government gives widows a pension to help them provide for their families. But they refused to pay Isaac’s mother because she and Isaac attend a small church of about 60 believers. The government threatens people who won’t join their government-controlled church. They even warned other villagers not to help Isaac’s family.

“The thought in my heart was to work in a restaurant or shop,” said Isaac. “[My mother] works so hard,…and also serves our brothers and sisters in the community who are in need. If I did nothing, my heart would blame me. So I decided to quit school.”

Thankfully other Christians prayed for and helped the family, and Isaac was able to continue his education. He even won a math competition for his school. Isaac plans to attend Bible college after he graduates from high school. He and his mother appreciate continued prayer for their family.

(Source: VOM Australia)



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