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Light from Heaven, Part 2

The previous post told about a Christian man who entered a mosque in Turkey hoping to find someone with whom he could share the love of Jesus. The man was from Yemen, and he longed to talk to a Muslim from his homeland. While he sat in the mosque, a Muslim man suddenly ran up to him.

Read the rest of the story below, as it was told by Dick Brogden to Todd Nettleton on VOM Radio.

(Source: VOM Radio. Edited for length and clarity.)

Dr. Brodgen: The Muslim man greeted the Christian in Yemeni Arabic! “Will you come with me to the women’s section?” the Muslim man asked. “My wife and I want to ask you a question.” [Traditionally, men and women worship in separate sections in many mosques.]

After they greeted the wife, the Muslim man said to the Christian, “Some time ago, my wife and I both had the same vision. In the vision, we both saw you in this mosque and light was coming down from heaven. The light was shining into you, then out of you and into us.

“I have to work,” the Muslim man continued. “So I told my wife to come to the mosque every day and look for you. I told her to call me when you showed up.

“Today she came to the mosque just as you were standing up to leave. She prayed, ‘Oh God, don’t let that man leave.’ You fell back down to the carpet, and here you are. So please, tell us what these things mean.”

The Christian man went to the couple’s apartment and shared the gospel with them all night long. In the morning, the Yemeni Muslim man and his wife gave their hearts to Jesus.

To Talk About
In a mountain village in Romania, an elderly carpenter prayed that God would allow him to lead a Jewish person to Christ. He was not able to leave the mountain, so he prayed that God would send a Jew to him. Then a Jewish couple, Richard and Sabina Wurmbrand, arrived in the village so Richard could recover from tuberculosis.

God answered the carpenter’s prayer, and the Wurmbrands trusted Christ as their Savior. Later, after they suffered persecution for their new faith, they started The Voice of the Martyrs to help persecuted Christians.

They carpenter prayed that he would lead a Jewish person to Christ, and the Yemeni Christian prayed that he would be able to share the good news of Jesus with someone from his own country. Both prayed for a long time, and God answered their prayers.

Will you ask God to lead you to those He wants you to talk to about Jesus, and to prepare you to talk to them in a way that will help them understand God’s gift of salvation?



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