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A Message from the President of VOM

(Source: Cole Richards in the April 2019 The Voice of the Martyrs magazine. Edited for length, reading level, and age-appropriateness.)

Several years ago, I made trips to some of the most unreached nations in the world. [“Unreached” people and places have few people who have heard the Good News of Jesus.] I saw TVs in the cafes, hotels, and barber shops of even some of the poorest regions.

I could predict what would be on the TV screen — American “music television.” We missionaries arrived in unreached areas only to find that American media companies had beaten us there. It’s sobering to think that other countries’ ideas about America have been shaped mainly by images of greed, immorality, violence, and substance abuse.

The distribution of Bibles and Christian media has increased. But we still lag far behind in distributing God’s Word around the world. Millions of persecuted Christians still do not have their own Bible and cannot get one without help from others within the Body of Christ.

I pray that God redeems our nation’s global influence. I pray that American Christians will help the global Body of Christ bring His Word to every person on the planet in our lifetime.

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