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Beautiful Feet

The previous post told about an incident with flip flops that taught a Christian in Nigeria about Jesus’ love for people who may be overlooked by others. Read below about some kids in Mexico who made flip flops to help them remember to pray for Christians in countries where believers may be overlooked or mistreated.

Children in other countries also learn about and remember persecuted Christians around the world. Some kids in Mexico made tiny flip-flops as reminders to pray for people in countries where Christians are mistreated. (See the photo. The names of the countries and related Bible verses are in Spanish.)

Cut shoe-shaped pieces out of craft foam and attach ribbons to them to make flip-flops. Write the name of a country where Christianity is restricted on each shoe. Read Isaiah 52:7.

Hang up the shoes as reminders to pray for those with “beautiful feet” who take the good news to difficult places.


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