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Ukraine in the Past and a Quiz

A church in Ukraine built in the 1700s

Before the U.S.S.R. split into smaller countries (see the previous post), many Ukrainians worshiped God secretly in hidden churches. The Christians knew they could be imprisoned for their faith.

Some of them left their homes and moved to countries that were safer for Christians. They had to learn to live in places with different cultures and different languages. One Christian who moved to the U.S. said the first words he learned to say in English were OK, no problem, Coca-Cola, hallelujah, and amen!

When U.S. officials asked the man why he wanted to leave his country, he told them he had faced persecution as a Christian. In such cases, officials in some countries quizzed people to find out if they were really Christians.

Questions they sometimes asked were:
*Who were the 12 disciples?
*What are the Ten Commandments.
*What are the first five books of the Bible?
*Who was the first king of Israel?
*Who wrote the Book of Acts?

The Christians could not look in a Bible for answers.

To Talk About
Do you think you could pass a quiz like the one above?
Do you think a quiz is a good way to decide if someone is a true follower of Jesus? Why or why not?



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