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The previous post told the story of William Booth, the founder of the Salvation Army. Read more about Booth and 15 other Torchlighters heroes in The Torchlighters Ultimate Activity Book, available at

What Do You Think?
William Booth wanted to help Christian parents of his day raise children to serve the Lord obediently. Below are some of his instructions for parents. Do you agree with his instructions?

God’s Love
“The goodness and love of God should be explained to children very early in life … that God is not only willing but anxious, for Christ’s sake, to pardon their sins, and become at once, as a natural consequence, their Father and Friend.”

Do you agree that it is a good idea to teach these truths to very young children? Why or why not?

Keeping Silent
“Compel children to keep silence in the presence of grown-up people. Nevertheless, it will be good to give them every opportunity in their own play-time, or somewhere in the absence of strangers, to express their impressions about what they see and hear and learn. At such times converse with them freely; answer their questions.”

What do you think of William’s rule?

“Prevent [children] from having association with their schoolmates. Let them mix as little as possible with them after school hours, going to and coming from the school alone, and keeping as much as possible by themselves in the playground.”

Do you agree with William’s rules about classmates from school?

Putting Others First
“Teach your children to deny themselves in order to promote the happiness of others. Train them to give the preference to brothers and sisters in things that are most desirable. If there is a better seat at the table … or in [church]; if there is nicer food, or a more desirable toy — teach them to let their brothers and sisters or friends have it.”

What do you think of William’s suggestion about sharing the best things with others? Can you find any verses from the Bible to support William’s suggestion?