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Iran: God Has a Purpose

Ali and Soro’s family

Ali and his family follow Christ in a country where most people follow the teachings of Muhammad. (Learn more about the teachings of Jesus and Muhammad here.)

The family used to live in Iran. They started secret Christian house church groups where Iranian Christians could worship God together. But the government doesn’t want Christianity to spread in Iran.

One day, Ali’s wife, Soro, was cooking chickpea patties for their sons, ages 5 and 7. Suddenly the secret police burst in through the front door. The police were dressed all in black with their faces covered. “Mommy, who is that?” the frightened boys asked.

“It’s OK,” Soro answered. “We knew they were coming sometime.”

Soro and Ali were arrested, taken to prison, and separated. “Who is caring for my sons?” Soro wondered. After a while, God took away her fear, and she felt His presence. “I knew it was a privilege to be there with the Lord, so that was sweet,” she said. “But I also wanted to go be with [my children].”

Soro was released, and delighted to go home. But she refused to leave her sons, sleeping between them every night. Later, Ali was also released, but government watchers continued to watch and follow their family.

Several months passed, then the family moved to a nearby country and continued to witness to Muslims. “If we are one,” Soro said about their family, “then God called our kids, He called our family, and the Lord knew what He was doing with our kids.”

Their sons are teenagers now, and they have a younger daughter. Soro knows that God is at work in her children. She is waiting for the time when they will say, “Wow, God let me go through that, and He had a purpose for me, not just for my parents.”

Pray that God will give Ali and Soro’s family peace and unity as they continue to serve Him. Ask God to help their children understand His purpose for their lives.

(Source: October 2018 The Voice of the Martyrs magazine. Edited for length, clarity, and age-appropriateness.)



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