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Saudi Arabia: Al Fadi

Saudi boys


What’s Up?
Al Fadi spoke English very well. Even though he grew up in Saudi Arabia and spoke mainly Arabic, he had no trouble understanding his teachers at the university he attended in the United States.

But some of the phrases his classmates used outside of class confused him. When someone asked, “What’s up?” he looked toward the sky to see what was up. “Sometimes you hear things like, ‘Don’t open a can of worms,’” said Al Fadi, “when I don’t even have a can in my hands. [Or they say] they want to ‘pick your brain.’”

A teacher advised Al Fadi to get to know some Americans to help him understand the language better. He signed up for a program that matched American families with international students.

Learning from Christians
Over time, Al Fadi got to know two American families, and both were Christian. Al Fadi had been raised as a Muslim. The families were kind, and they politely answered his questions about Jesus and Christianity. They didn’t get angry with Al Fadi when he tried to convince them that Islam was better than Christianity. (Islam is the religion of Muslims.)

Al Fadi went to church with one of the families, and he learned that Christians are taught to love, forgive, and pray for their enemies. He grew in his faith in the God of the Bible, and he gave his life to Christ.

After Al Fadi became a Christian, his family rejected him. “I am nobody in their life,” Al Fadi said. But he remains strong in his faith. He even appears on TV programs, websites, and social media leading other Muslims to open their hearts to Jesus’ love.

No Accident
Al Fadi encourages Christians in the United States to pray for Muslim neighbors, co-workers, and classmates, and to interact with them. “It is not by accident if you have a neighbor who is Muslim,” said Al Fadi. “God is not scratching His head and saying, ‘Ah, man, I really shouldn’t have brought him here. I don’t know why I did that.’” Instead, God has a plan for them to hear the good news of Jesus.

To Talk About
Al Fadi said, “I understand not all of us have the boldness to share, but you know what? Always pray.”

Do you know someone who is not a Christian that you can pray for today?