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Iran: Sara

A secret Sunday school in Iran

Seven-year-old Sara like to watch Christian satellite TV programs at her home in Iran. One of the programs explained the Good News of Jesus, and Sara trusted Him as her Savior!

Iran is a Muslim country, and most people don’t have Bibles. Sara really wanted a Bible of her own. She began to put aside money little by little in a piggy bank so she could buy a Bible.

One day, her Muslim uncle came to visit. Sara showed him her piggy bank and said, “Uncle, you won’t believe what is happening! I am going to get my first ever Bible. I’m so excited!”

Her uncle was furious. He broke the piggy bank, took the money, and hit Sara.

“God Is So Good”
It was Christmastime, and some Christians were praying for Sara’s town and for her family. They knew that Sara’s family and others in the town were very poor. The Christians decided to give Sara some food, supplies, stationery — and a Bible!

Sara’s mother called the TV station and let Sara talk to the Christians there. “I just want to tell the whole world that God is so good,” Sara told them. “My uncle broke my piggy bank and took all the money. But yesterday God brought me a Bible, a notebook, and some crayons!”

Pray that all the children in Iran will be able to learn the truths in the Bible.

(Source: Elam Ministries)



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