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Eritrea: Afewerki and His Children

Afewerki and his children

The previous post told about Afewerki and Fkadu, Christians in Eritrea who were imprisoned for their Christian activities. Their family grieved when they learned that Fkadu had died due to harsh prison conditions, but they were comforted by knowing that she was with Jesus in heaven.

When Afewerki left prison, he knew he could never obey the government’s rules against attending prayer meetings. “I will not stop praying,” he said.

So Afewerki decided to take his children and escape to Ethiopia, a country next to Eritrea. First they had to sneak past two groups of Eritrean guards. If they were caught, Afewerki’s older children would be taken away from him and forced into the military. They younger ones would be taken to a prison camp.

Besides the guards, the family had to avoid stepping on land mines and being attacked by hyenas. But they made it to Ethiopia!

Now they live in a refugee camp. Afewerki doesn’t know what will happen to his family next, but he trusts that God will care for them. In the meantime, the children are able to sing in a church choir without fear of being arrested.

Afewerki asks Christians to pray for Eritrea and Eritrean Christians. “I don’t hate them,” he says of the Eritrean government. I would like all Christians in the world to pray that our government would accept the gospel.

(Source: The August 2018 VOM newsletter)



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