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Grace and Her Dad

Grace and her dad at VOM’s Martyrs’ Wall

Workers from The Voice of the Martyrs travel to more than 60 countries, visiting and encouraging persecuted Christians. Their families help them prepare for their trips, and pray for them while they travel.

Read the comments below from the daughter of a VOM dad. On Father’s Day, remember fathers who travel to difficult places to serve God and persecuted Christians.

Hello, my name is Grace. I am 13 years old. I live with my mom and dad. I go to middle school in Oklahoma. I enjoy running and singing outside of school. I am currently running track for my school.

My family moved here so my dad could work at VOM. He travels to South Asia, Central Asia, and Latin America. My dad really enjoys his job and helping persecuted people. I feel honored that my family has contact with people who have truly given their lives to Christ.

Praying and Helping
We pray a lot before he goes, both for the people he will encounter and the people he will meet and encourage. We do communicate with him while he is gone, about every other night or so. When he is gone, it is just a habit that my mom and I will have to do a little more [work] than usual. But I think it makes us really understand that we don’t have to do a lot living in the U.S.

I have helped at a table at a VOM Advance Conference when my dad preached. I met so many people! I loved telling people about VOM and the persecuted church. People who visited the table were amazed that I was only 13. I simply said that God has amazing [plans] for every person, no matter their age.

In the next post, you can read Grace’s advice for kids about putting everything in God’s hands.


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