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“Huge Impact on Our Kids” — Missions and Me Project

Each year, Westminster Presbyterian Church in Pennsylvania has a children’s mission project. Mary Jo R., the children’s ministry director, said, “This year’s theme was ‘Standing with the Persecuted Church.’” The church prepared a 70-page, kid-friendly activity book to guide the children through the project and activities.

“We found the resources from VOM and the Kids of Courage websites to be very helpful in presenting this topic to the children,” said Mary Jo. “Through the activities in the book, the children learned about persecution across the globe, prayed for specific prayer requests for missionaries, and studied Bible stories and verses that pertain to the persecution of the church. They wrote encouraging letters to pastors in prison, and learned of ways that Christians persevere in their faith in Jesus.”

The kids also collected donations for VOM Action Packs.

“This year’s mission project had a huge impact on our kids, and we pray that it will continue to have an impact for God’s Kingdom,” said Mary Jo.

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  1. Hello! Where can I download the activity book?

    • Hi. Thank you for your question. The church in Pennsylvania created their own activity book using VOM resources and this website. We do not have their book available to download. However, you can find VOM Kids of Courage activity books in the Downloads section of this site. Click on “Downloads,” then scroll down and click on “Activity Books” to access the books. The books include 40+ pages of stories, color photos, activities, and cultural information about one topic or country. Registration is required to download most of the activity books.


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