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Karen in Kenya


The following story appears in the July 2018 The Voice of the Martyrs magazine. To subscribe to the magazine, visit the subscription signup page.

Fifteen years ago, Karen Agagno and her husband, Henry, built a Christian church in a Muslim village in Baragoni, Kenya. Karen and Henry had seven children. Muslim villagers persecuted the family for years. Sadly, Henry died from an illness in 2010.

You might think Karen would want to take her children and leave the hostile village after her husband died. But Henry had told her before he died, “I want you to stand for the Lord’s work in Baragoni.” So Karen stayed.

After the villagers saw that Karen cared for them enough to stay, they accepted the family as their own. Some Muslim elders even attended Henry’s funeral.

One of Karen’s sons now leads their church. None of the Muslim villagers have yet come to faith in Christ. But Karen’s family hasn’t given up. They continue to serve as God’s witnesses and to faithfully share the Good News of God’s saving grace.


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