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No Freedom to Teach Kids

Boys in Bangladesh reading a children’s Bible

In the United States, we are thankful for our freedom to worship and to speak about our beliefs. Religious freedoms are some of the freedoms we thank God for on July 4th.

In our country, we are free to go to church and Sunday school, to read our Bibles, to sing Christmas songs, and to pray without anybody trying to stop us. But in many other countries, Christians do not have the same freedoms we have.

In some places, governments try to keep Christians from teaching the truth about Jesus to children. They understand that the lessons children learn when they are young will stick with them the rest of their lives.

In Bangladesh this year, police in one Muslim village said that Christians are allowed to talk about their faith only with other adults. They also said that no one under age 20 may convert to another religion. That means that Muslim youth would not be allowed to become Christians.

In one area of China, local officials issued an order forbidding anyone under 18 from entering a church. Officials visit church services, and if they see children at the church, they close down the church. “Many believers are afraid to come to church,” said a Chinese Christian.

To Talk About
*What are some religious freedoms for which you are thankful?
*Why do some governments forbid Christians from teaching Bible truths to children?
*What do you think you would do if you were told that your church would close down if you attended church?