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Nigeria: Two Powerful Gifts

Nigerian Muslim girl selling food

“Why don’t you give the Christians guns?” asked a fifth grader who was visiting The Voice of the Martyrs headquarters. The student had just learned about Christians who are persecuted for their faith in other countries. He was looking for a solution to the Christians’ problems.

Even adults struggle with how to react to the persecution of our Christian brothers and sisters around the world. VOM’s president, Cole Richards, is a former U.S. military officer. After he visited Christians whose families had been persecuted in Nigeria, Cole said, “I tried to imagine a military strategy that would capture…every violent extremist.”

But he knew that such a strategy would not defeat evil. “I need to pray,” he said. “I can’t carry this burden. Heavenly Father,…do not let me give in to frustration, anger, or hatred.

“In working with our persecuted Nigerian brothers and sisters,” Mr. Richards continued, “we have received two powerful gifts….The first gift is an understanding that God’s joy…is stronger than their sorrow. The second gift is the knowledge that the gospel is powerful enough to transform even the most sinful among us.

“As our bold and faithful Nigerian family members reach out in love to their enemies, the gospel triumphs over the lies and darkness of radical Islam. The power of Islamic extremism to inflict suffering in this world is nothing compared with the gospel’s power to transform people for eternity.”

(Source: The Voice of the Martyrs June 2018 newsletter)

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What are the two powerful gifts we can receive from learning about Nigerian Christians?



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