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India: Families Ignored and Excluded

Praising God in India

Suppose you wake up one morning, dress and eat breakfast, and head out the door to walk to a store to buy some food for your mother to fix for lunch. “Good morning!” you say to your neighbor. But she turns away and doesn’t answer your greeting.

You pass several more people you know and classmates from school, but all of them refuse to speak to you. When you get to the store, you choose what you want to buy, but the store owner ignores you and won’t even take your money. So you start home, empty handed. On the way home, friends and neighbors cross the road instead of passing close to you or greeting you.

Six Christian families in India had to deal with similar treatment. At a village meeting earlier this year, the families and their pastor were ordered to stop being Christians or be “socially excommunicated.” But the families would not deny Jesus.

“Excommunicate” usually means to be excluded from activities of a church. It can also mean that someone is excluded from a group other than a church. When the villagers socially excommunicated the Christians, they quit talking and associating with them.

Pray that the Christians will stay strong in their faith and grow closer to Jesus, even when they are treated rudely. Pray that others in the village will be drawn to Christ after seeing the Christians’ bold faith.




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