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Bangladesh: “Alone in this Community”

Children in Bangladesh

“Please pray for my children and for my son’s education,” a Christian mother in Bangladesh recently told VOM workers.

“My son is 5 ½ years old,” said the boy’s father. “He goes to school. The teacher gave him one religion book — an Islamic book. [Islam is the religion of Muslims.]

“We said, ‘No, he doesn’t need an Islamic book [for religion class]. He needs a Christian book.’ But the teacher said, ‘No. This is not a Christian school. If he doesn’t read his book, his exam marks will be low and failing.’”

“The other students criticize him,” the boy’s mother continued. “They speak hateful words to him. I told him, ‘Please don’t say any angry words to them. We know God, and we love them.’ I don’t want to give my son any hatred. We must love [Muslims] and make friends with them.

“For many community functions, ceremonies, weddings — no one calls and invites us. We are like alone in this community.”

(Source: VOM contacts. Edited for length and clarity.)

To Think About
*Do you think the mother gave the boy good advice when she told him not be angry with the children who treat him badly?
*What do you think the boy should do when he is given an Islamic book to study at school?
*Are there any people who might feel alone in your community?
*Learn more about Christians in Bangladesh from the book Bold Believers in Bangladesh available in the Downloads section.


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