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Egypt: Forgiveness on TV

Nesim was a security guard at his church in Egypt. His job was to protect the congregation — including his wife, Samira, and sons, Mena and George — from radical Muslims who might want to harm Christians.

The week before Easter last year, a terrorist exploded a bomb near the main gate of the church. Sadly, Nesim died in the attack.

Samira was heartbroken. But a week after the attack, she agreed to be interviewed by a TV reporter. “What would you say to those who attacked your husband?” the reporter asked.

Millions of viewers listened intently. Most of them expected Samira to talk about revenge. Angry talk might add to the bad feelings between different groups of people in Egypt. Samira’s answer surprised them. She said, “I would ask for forgiveness for the person who killed my husband, as I know my husband has graduated to heaven with the Lord. But the killer is waiting a terrible end for his life, so I forgive him if this will help him.”

TV viewers were amazed at her answer. One TV presenter who reported on Samira’s interview even shouted at Christians who were watching, “If someone killed my father or brother, I would surely kill him to get revenge. So how come you are able to forgive those who are killing you?”

Powerful Testimony
Samira’s testimony led many people in Egypt to want to learn more about Christianity and Jesus. Out of a sad event came the amazing testimony of a woman able to forgive.

A VOM worker who met Samira said, “I was very proud to meet her and hear her story. I was touched by her loving heart.”

(Source: VOM Australia)



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