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Foster Child’s Faith Becomes Real

Mary was a runaway. After she left home, she had nowhere to go. One night, she knocked on a stranger’s door at midnight to ask for help.

Thankfully, a kind woman answered the door. The next morning the woman’s friend helped Mary find a family who welcomed her into their home. The family was very poor, but they shared what they had with their new foster child.

The father of the family was a pastor; Mary called him her “stepfather.” He expected his family to be a good example at their church.

“During this time, my Christianity was very weak, even though I was growing up in a pastor’s home,” Mary said. “I loved all the singing, but felt sleepy during the sermons. I always wanted to sit in the back, but I was made to sit at the front as a good example to others in the church.”

Mary made up her mind to leave her foster home when she turned 20. “It was then I decided I wanted to make my own life and find a job somewhere else,” said Mary. “It was at this stage in my life that Christianity became a real faith to me. I found a church to go to. God reminded me of Christ’s love for me, and I began to pray to Him regularly. Amazingly, I remember a lot of my stepfather’s sermons today.”

(Source: VOM-Australia. Edited for length and clarity.)

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What Do You Think?
Should Mary’s foster father have made her go to church and sit in front even if she didn’t want to? How did going to church help her later in her life?