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Would you like to read U.S. State Department reports about religious freedom in other countries? Click here, then click on a year (for example, “2016”) on the sidebar on the left. Find countries in the “Countries/Regions” section.

The reports include:
*A summary of religious freedom in the country
*The percentage of the people in the country who follow various religions
*Government rules and practices toward religious groups
*How people in communities in the country treat people of different religions

Read some facts from the 2016 reports below.

The law … prohibits publicizing and promoting religions other than Islam and bans articles on any topic the government deems might harm the physical, spiritual, and moral well-being of persons, especially children and adolescents.

Militants raided a girls school in Aden on March 8, to give “a last warning” to the students who had not yet adopted the imposed clothing rules detailed in leaflets signed by [Muslim radicals].

By law, non-Muslims may not serve [as judges], [in] the security services (separate from regular armed forces), or as public school principals.

North Korea
Ownership of Bibles or other religious materials brought in from abroad is reportedly illegal and also punishable by imprisonment and severe punishment, including, in some cases, execution.

Authorities… harassed or detained the family members, including children, of religious leaders and religious freedom activists.


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