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“Thanksgiving Is a Habit”

“Christians must have a habit of Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is a choice,” said a visitor to The Voice of the Martyrs. “You might be wealthy, but if you choose not to be thankful, you can be miserable. You may have little, but if you choose to be thankful, you can have joy.”

The visitor who said, “Thanksgiving is a choice” was harshly persecuted in a country where Christian activity is restricted. “I learned to be thankful,” he said. He was thankful for cool breezes and sunshine. He thanked God for giving him faith. He was even grateful to God for teaching him gratitude! And his thankfulness brought him joy.

“As long as your heart is full of joy, you can endure,” the visitor said.

To Talk About
Did you think of a situation where it might be difficult to choose to be thankful? What are some blessings you could be thankful for in that situation?