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Middle East: “His Name Is Jesus”

Middle Eastern girl

Adara sat in front of a computer waiting to see what would happen. A man in her city had arranged for her to talk to someone on Skype, but he didn’t give her any more information about the conversation.

Adara lives in a country where most people are Muslims. Her mother and father died a few years ago — or so she thought.

Soon Adara was exchanging greetings with a man on the computer screen who introduced himself as Saqib. Then Saqib said, “Adara, I am your father.”

“No,” said Adara. “My father is dead.”

“I am not dead,” Saqib said. “But even if they are telling you I’m dead, and even if you forget everything about me, just remember one thing. His name is Jesus. That is the only thing you need to care about.”

The conversation ended.

Saqib used to be a very wealthy Muslim businessman. The companies he owned were making lots of money, and he adored his wife. Life was good, Saqib thought.

Then one day he came home from work and found his wife reading Christian materials she had found on the Internet. Saqib was furious! He ordered his wife to never read such things again.

Sadly, months later, Saqib’s wife died while she was giving birth to their daughter, Adara. Saqib grieved deeply. “I have never loved anybody as much as I loved my wife,” he said later. He looked for answers to his questions about life and death from Muslim leaders, but they could not comfort him.

One day, he was looking at his wife’s computer, and he found a Bible she had downloaded. He printed it, and for one month he did nothing but read the Bible. When his Muslim relatives found out what he was doing, they had him put in jail for five months, then kicked him out of the country. He lost his businesses, and he was separated from Adara. Adara was told that her father had died.

“I want to encourage Christians to pray for Adara,” said a VOM worker. “Pray that God will reach her and pass down the faith of her parents to her.”

(Source: To protect their identities, the names of some of the people on this website and some identifying details have been changed. Some of the quotes and stories have been edited and paraphrased from the original sources for clarity.)


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