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Update: Prisoner Released!

Have you been praying for Yklas, the Christian father of eight children who was imprisoned for sharing the gospel in Kazakhstan? A recent post told about his situation.

Praise God, Yklas was recently released after 780 days in prison!

Pray that he will quickly adjust to life with his family and that he will boldly use his testimony to continue sharing the gospel.

Visit to find more prisoners to pray for.

One Response to Update: Prisoner Released!

  1. Praise the Lord! Our Pre-K to Grade 3 Sunday School class has been praying for Yklas!!! This is absolutely tremendous and I cannot wait to share this with the kids! Praising God Yklas is reunited with his family and for Yuri’s recent release. Will continue to pray for these men and their families. Thank you for the update!


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