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Photo Album Matching Activity

A VOM volunteer made a photo album matching activity to teach younger children about courageous Christians around the world.

*A 5- by 7-inch notebook, album, or journal
*Construction paper cut into 5- by 7-inch pieces
*Photos cut or photocopied from The Voice of the Martyrs magazine, then trimmed to 5 by 7 inches. Or photos printed from VOM websites, enlarged or reduced to 5 by 7 inches.
*Tape or glue

1. Glue or tape a 5- by 7-inch piece of construction paper to the back of each page of the notebook you plan to use.
2. Measure and cut the pages of the notebook in half horizontally, leaving a 3½-inch top section and a 3½-inch bottom section of each page.
3. Cut the 5- by 7-inch photos in half horizontally. Glue or tape the top halves to the tops of the notebook pages.
4. Mix up the bottom halves of the photos and glue them to the bottoms of the pages in a different order than you glued the tops of the photos.
5. Remove unused pages of the notebook.

Show the notebook to a younger child and help them turn the pages to form complete pictures. Tell the child something about the photo and the country where it was taken.


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