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Hello Day

World Hello Day is celebrated on November 21st. People who participate in the celebration greet 10 people during the day.

World Hello Day was not started as a Christian holiday, but Christians can participate. Can you greet 10 people you don’t usually greet on World Hello Day? Perhaps you will get the opportunity to talk with them about Jesus sometime.

Do you know anyone from another country you can greet? Some of the ways to greet people in other languages are shown below. The languages are spoken in countries where VOM works.


Vietnamese: Seen-chow
Azeri (spoken in Azerbaijan): Sah-LAHM
Spanish: OH-lah
Mandarin Chinese: Nee-how
Nepali (spoken in Nepal): Nah-MAHS-tay
Turkish: MEHR-hah-bah
Urdu (spoken in Pakistan and India): Sah-LAHM



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