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Eva and her mother, Helen, lived in Eritrea. Helen sang beautiful songs with words from the Bible. She put them on a CD so other Christians would be encouraged by them.

One evening when Eva was 9, the police stormed into a house where Helen was teaching Sunday school. “Where’s the singer?” they yelled. They took Helen to a prison where the inmates were kept in shipping containers that were always too hot or too cold, and too wet or too dry. But Helen did not stop singing praises to God, even when she was miserable. “It’s easy to be a Christian when everything is nice,” she said. “But you have to follow Christ when it is difficult, too.”

The guards beat Helen when they caught her writing notes about God to other prisoners. She was injured so badly that she had to go to the hospital. Then she and Eva fled to another country. Helen is not about to walk very well because of her injuries, but she still sings about her Savior, Jesus Christ.

(Source: SDOK, VOM’s sister mission in the Netherlands. If you want to see SDOK’s Dutch children’s website, visit



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