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Far From Home

A mosque

An American Christian family moved to a country where most of the citizens are Muslims. The family planned to serve God by helping the people of the country with their needs. Their new country was nothing like America.

“We moved there in August, and December came, and there was no Christmas,” said the father of the family. “There was no background for Christmas. I remember drinking tea with a young man, and he said, ‘Why are you here?’ I answered, ‘I love God, and I want to share God’s love. I believe in the Bible.’

“He looked at me and said, ‘What’s a Bible?’

“Eighty-six percent of Muslims in that region of the world have never met a follower of Christ…,” the father continued. “Please continue to pray for opportunities and doors to open for the gospel to go forth and for hearts to be opened to hear the truth….”

(Source: Edited for clarity and length.)

To Think About
How many Bibles are in your home?
Did you know that some people in the world have never heard of the Bible?
How can you pray for people who have not yet heard about Jesus?


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