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Indonesia: Dewi

Indonesian children in school

Dewi is an Indonesian girl who was born into a Muslim family. In junior high, she began to attend an Islamic school and stayed in the school’s dormitory. (Islam is the religion of Muslims.)

Early one school year, Dewi had some problems getting along with the girls in her dorm. She went home to her parents’ house, hoping to get some peace and quiet. But her parents argued and quarreled all the time, so Dewi had no peace at school or at home.

One day, Dewi’s parents started a big argument. She went to her bedroom and put on headphones to listen to the radio through her cell phone. She wanted to drown out her parents’ voices. The radio got stuck on one channel. Dewi tried to change it, but it would not change. The channel was a Christian channel!

New Hope
The pastor on the radio program said, “He has made everything beautiful in its time” (Ecclesiastes 3:11). A new hope started to grow in Dewi’s heart. She began to cry, but she soon fell peacefully asleep.

The next day, Dewi went to a bookstore to look for something to read. As she picked out some fiction books, she noticed a Bible and she bought it, too. When she got home, her mother asked what she had bought at the store. Dewi tried to hide the Bible behind her back, but her mother saw it and ran to get Dewi’s father.

Dewi’s father was very angry. He shouted at Dewi, smashed and broke things in their house, and burned the Bible.

Dewi soon returned to school. But she bought another Bible on the way back to school.

Everything Beautiful in Its Time
Dewi became a follower of Jesus and began attending church secretly. One day when she came back to her dorm after church, she couldn’t find her Bible. Then a friend came and told her the dorm director wanted to see her.

The director had Dewi’s Bible. She warned Dewi never to keep a Bible at school again. The other girls heard about the incident and quit speaking to Dewi, except to mock her faith. Dewi only smiled in reply and shared the good news of Jesus with those who would listen.

One of Dewi’s favorite Bible verses is still Ecclesiastes 3:11. She prays that her parents will also come to the Lord.



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