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David in Nigeria, Part 2

David on the cover of Stef

The previous post told about David, a boy from a Christian family in Nigeria. His story was in Stef, the children’s publication of SDOK, The Voice of the Martyrs’ sister mission in the Netherlands. Read more about him and his family below, as told by David.

My Dad
My dad was a leader in a church. Strict Muslims in our country want to make our country Muslim. Unfortunately they do a lot of really bad things.

One evening I was awakened by a very hard pounding on the door. What happened afterwards still doesn’t seem real. Men came in with guns, and they asked my dad if he wanted to become a Muslim.

My dad said no. One man said to him, “So you want to die as a Christian?”

“I want to,” said my dad. Then the man shot my dad in the head. I thought for sure he was killed but miraculously he could still talk.

My mom tried to get help after the man left, and I sat the whole night next to my dad. That’s all I want to say about it.

Fireworks Are Stupid
Thankfully my dad did not die.

Last year during Christmas somebody lit some fireworks. I heard loud bangs, and I thought fighting had broken out. I was very scared. Only the next day did I realize my fear wasn’t necessary.

Now I can laugh at it, but then I thought fireworks were really stupid.

I want to talk about something nice — about my teacher, Hassan. I think he is really cool because he knows so much. Later I want to become a professor or a teacher because I love learning so much.

Bye, David.

(Source: SDOK, translated and edited)

To Talk About

  • Why did David’s family move?
  • Why are radical Muslims attacking Christians in Nigeria?
  • Why was David scared of the fireworks?
  • What can you pray for David?


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