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Myriam: An Iraqi Refugee

The previous post told about Christians in Iraq who have been driven from their homes by ISIS, a radical Muslim group. The Voice of the Martyrs helps Christians who have taken refuge in a mall that has been partly turned into a refugee camp.

The video in this post from SAT-7 shows an interview with a girl who lives with other refugees at the mall. SAT-7 is a Christian TV network.

As you watch the video, look for answers to the following questions.

  • How old is Myriam?
  • How long has she lived at the refugee camp?
  • What does Myriam want to do about those who drove her from her home?


3 Responses to Myriam: An Iraqi Refugee

  1. Out of the mouth of babes. Strong message and example for people, especially
    children. I’ll try to put it on my facebook page…….
    Dr. Bob Parker
    Retired Professor of Child Development
    Fort Pierce, Florida


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