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Mighty Men in Iran

David and his mighty men

David’s Mighty Men
King David chose a group of “mighty men” to help him in his battles. The men were loyal to David, and he loved them.

One day when David was thirsty, he said, “Oh that someone would give me a drink of the water from the well of Bethlehem, which is by the gate!” Three of the mighty men heard his wish. They decided to get David the water he desired, even though the enemies, the Philistines, were at Bethlehem. So they broke through the Philistines camp, risking their lives. They drew water from the well and took it to David.

David would not drink the water. He did not want to selfishly enjoy something that caused his men to risk their lives. He poured out the water as an offering to the Lord.
(From 2 Samuel 23:13–17)

Mighty Men in Iran
Cole Richards, VOM’s Executive Vice-President of International Ministries, told the following story. (Edited from the original in the April 2015 The Voice of the Martyrs magazine.)

We need to remember that the Bible is illegal in some countries today. We also need to remember that our brothers and sisters risk their lives to overcome these restrictions. They risk imprisonment and torture to run smuggling and underground printing operations because they would rather obey God than men (Acts 4:19, Acts 5:29). No government has the authority to undo God’s desire for His Word to go forth or Christ’s instructions to us to preach the gospel.

[Mr. Richards told about warning a Christian in Iran who secretly printed Bibles. He told the Christian that all who had done similar work in his country had gone to prison.]

The next time I saw him a year later when he had a chance to come out of Iran again, he handed me a book with a plain white cover. It was a New Testament they had printed in the underground [secret] print shop. He brought it to me to show the quality of work they were able to achieve in complete secrecy.

I was upset that he risked me so much to bring me a copy of this forbidden book…. Today I often bring the book when I speak in churches and tell people that it is probably the only Bible to ever be smuggled out of Iran.

[The man who printed the Bible was later put in prison. He is currently free.]

To Talk About

  • How is the story of the underground Bible printer similar to the story of David’s mighty men? How is it different?
  • In what ways do Christians today risk danger to follow and obey God?



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