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Double Blessings


Meshach and Abednego are twins who live in Nigeria. The brothers were born on Christmas Day in 1993. They were a special Christmas gift for their mother and their father, who was a doctor.

The twins have an older brother. Can you guess his name? (Hint: Check Chapter 3 of the Book of Daniel in the Bible.)

Meshach and Abednego are growing in their Christian faith. Meshach said, “From the Bible, I have learned the will of God for my life, and to love others.” Abednego added, “I have learned to share the word of God with others.”

Abednego’s favorite school subject is business studies. He would like to be an accountant someday. Meshach enjoys social studies. Their brother Shadrach likes his Christian religious studies class. He would like to be a professional soccer player.

But the brothers have some obstacles that could keep them from reaching their goals. Sadly, their father died in 2000. Many Christian families are fatherless after Muslim attacks in Nigeria. As a result of Muslim riots Christian homes, stores, and churches have been destroyed.

Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego’s mother has eight children. She cannot afford to take care of them and help them go to a good Christian school by herself.

Never Lonely
The Voice of the Martyrs in Nigeria started a school called the Stephen Centre to help children whose parents died in Muslim attacks. The students live at the school during the school year. More than 200 students attend the school, including five sets of twins.

(Nigeria has one of the highest rates of twins in the world. Scientists do not know why. Some people believe that yams eaten in Nigeria cause more twins to be born.)

The twins are happy to be at the Stephen Centre, and happy to be twins. Fourteen-year-old brothers Samaila and Ayuba have been at the school for almost four years. “I have learned to forgive,” said Ayuba. His twin said, “I have learned that enemies and the devil do not have power over the will of God for my life. And the best thing about being a twin is that you always understand each other.”

“With a twin, you will never feel lonely,” said 8-year-old Miracle. She hopes to become a nurse. Her twin brother Samuel wants to be a lawyer. They are excited about their school subjects. “I have learned to calculate the lowest common multiple of numbers!” said Samuel. Miracle now knows English verb tenses. Many of the children at the center speak tribal languages, and they learn English at the school.

Giving God the Glory
The twins appreciate the advice they get from the kind Christian workers at their school. “They tell me how to endure hardship,” said Meshach. “They advise me to be kind, obedient, hardworking, respectful, and focused,” said Abednego.

The twins have learned to rejoice, even in their difficult circumstances. “My life is wonderful,” said Abednego. “This makes me want to give God the glory always.”

Pray that the twins will continue to seek and follow God’s will for their lives, and that they will share the Bible truths they have learned with others, wherever they go.



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