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Grown-Ups Learn Bible Stories

North Korea

Children who grow up in North Korea do not learn about…

  • Jesus and His love for them
  • Jesus’ birth in Bethlehem
  • Adam and Eve
  • The God in heaven who created the world
  • Daniel and the lions’ den
  • David and Goliath

…or any other Bible stories.

The government of North Korea does not allow anyone to teach Bible truths to the citizens. People who escape from North Korea often learn about God and Jesus from people who help them settle in their new land.

The Voice of the Martyrs supports Christian classes for North Koreans outside of North Korea. The teachers in the classes tell Bible stories to North Korean adults who have never heard the stories before.

One day, after learning about creation, Adam and Eve, and sin, students in one of the classes made “creation cups.” The cups will help them remember the Bible stories they learned from the Book of Genesis.

To Try

  • Read or listen to an audio version of Genesis 1.
  • Remove the paper from a travel cup with a removable insert.
  • Draw something that God created on a piece of paper the same size as the insert.
  • Insert your picture in the cup.
  • Remember and pray for North Koreans when you see the cup.

Download the book Bold Believers in North Korea from the Downloads section of this site.


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