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David’s Search for the Truth, Part 3

Muslim youth in Indonesia
Muslim youth in Indonesia

The previous two posts told about David, a Muslim boy whose search for truth led him to Jesus. Fearing that his family would be angry about his new faith, David decided to keep his it a secret.

David waited until his father went to sleep, then he watched Christian TV programs. One night, the preacher on TV shouted the name of Jesus and woke up David’s father, who shouted at David in anger.

David found that he felt bolder rather than more fearful after his father’s outburst. He found the courage to try to share the gospel with his father several times.

After David was baptized, his father lost all patience. He chased David out of their house and down the street with a large walking stick. Neighbors were alarmed as he screamed at his son and tried to strike him with the stick.

David moved into the home of an evangelist and began to study to become an evangelist himself. He called his father to make peace. But his father said, “If you want to be my son, deny Jesus.” When David refused, his father stopped speaking to him.

David finished his training and returned to his own village. He passed out copies of the Book of Luke and showed DVDs about Jesus. Many listened to the message and believed in the God of the Bible.

But others were angry.

David met once more with his father. David’s father saw that Jesus had changed David, but he still refused to believe.

David continues to share God’s love among his people. He longs for all of them to come to know the truth about Jesus like he did. He says he is not worried about persecution; Jesus is his Lord and will strengthen him.

Read the three posts about David and his search for the truth, then discuss the following questions with your family or group.

  • Why do you think David continued to contact his father even after his father chased him with a stick and kicked him out of the house?
  • What did David’s Christian friend do when David mocked him? What do you do when someone mocks or teases you?
  • Were all David’s problems solved when he became a Christian?
  • Why did David decide to keep his faith a secret at first?
  • Would anyone be angry if they knew you were a Christian? When you first meet someone new, how long would they have to be around you before they realized you were a Christian?
  • Name all the people in the story. How might you pray for each of them?

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